Our Vision
To empower each child to manifest their greatness through a premier life education, shaping healthy, happy and prosperous citizens inspired to serve and lead purposefully.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a comprehensive education through a revolutionary framework encompassing academic excellence, balanced development, wholistic values and the will-to-do-good.
A Solution for the Whole Family
Our in-house nursery and preschool (18 mths +) and before-and-after care programs decrease your cost of childcare and help keep all of your children in one place. Proceeds go to eNG Charter School so your money works twice as hard for you!
Premier School Tuition-Free
Charter schools are public schools. They are state funded and do not raise taxes.
Smaller Classes
Each classroom will have a maximum of twenty students.
Brain Research
Our leaders stay apprised of the latest applications of pediatric and adolescent neuroscience research to inform teacher instruction and optimize your child's learning experience.


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