Education is a very powerful tool and fundamental force in our life. Education plays an instructional role in shaping the destiny of each individual and the future of mankind. There is a strong relationship between education and the quality of a young adult and their potential for leadership and positive impact on a complex world.

Our future is our children. There is a critical need to develop children with positive attributes and characteristics, who are able to make right choices, have the ability to make change, navigate the complex issues of contemporary life and who have the potential to lead.

Education for New Generations is built upon a theory and systems for the balanced development of children who will have a positive influence on all those around them and their community. It is from this strong foundation that educators and shareholders of this learning community grow, from the inside-out ,a greater expression of who they are and their relationships with the world.

The School of eNG provides an education that nurtures and develops the physical, heart, thinking, creative and spirited elements in which the path to a bright future is realized through the fundamental tools of innovation, expression, learning, practicing and advancing through dynamic learning systems It is the eNG Way, a way to learn and then lead the positive , good and virtuous qualities that are taught, reinforced, developed, and supported through the formative years a child’s development in every experience-everyday. It is a way of life that sustains confidently, and positively a way to maneuver life harmoniously, happily, prosperously and purposefully now and throughout the next generations.

The Mission of Education for New Generations Charter School is to create a foundation in the community that promotes prosperity and invites all stakeholders to take part in nurturing the elements needed to build a fruitful life for our children. These elements ignite our process for shaping the developing child and are simply called the physical, heart, thinking, creative, and spirit elements.

The physical element involves allowing our senses to read the subtleties of the surrounding space and form self-expression using input gained from these internal and external environments. Proper practice in nutrition and exercise are used to educate and call forth the health and well-being of the systems that govern our space. Maintenance of self through contemplative and awareness practices, combined with the development of reflexes and balance, will enable our physical ability to navigate life safely.  Our attention will be free to focus on our constancy of aim and effort, as well as self-discipline.

The heart element is the refinement of the emotions, which will ultimately and consistently express feelings of peace, love and joy to the experiences of life through proper relationships between people and people and society.

The thinking element is the safe and proper use of the various capacities of the brain, mind and other mechanisms necessary for individual, collective, and collaborative synchronization and synthesis of both the direct and subtle information available in the world that when cared for properly can be used to direct a peaceful and productive life by consciously sowing the seeds of happiness, health and prosperity

The creative element is the expression of the talents, tools, and techniques that spring forth from the compound effect gained in the daily and disciplined act of learning and collaboration. Children will learn to see all objects in their path as solutions to problems that may be altered or rearranged. They will understand that regardless of the depth of a problem there is always a safe  and sustainable solution waiting to be discovered.

The spirit element is the qualities in which an idea, product or deed, elicits great peace, transformation, or aspiration to self and others.  In developing our children’s spirit we will give them tools to live fully in the balanced expression of the elements.

Our mission is to blend the properties of these elements throughout our curriculum so that our children emerge from their school years as healthy, well-developed adults and future leaders. We strive serve the community by serving the children the gift of a premier life education.

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