As educators, we value the following ideas as placeholders for later and greater understandings that will grow from the search for meaning through the individual application of these truths as it is experienced by the learner.

1.        Change is Inevitable

Life is a series of cycles that require change even in recurring patterns. This constant drive to change within a cycle allows for growth. If an average person is given an average of 85 years then what life is planned to be lived? How are health and wellness, heart and happiness, thinking and contributing organized in the development of the person? Education must be designed to shape a life that lives in the full expression brought from the ability to not only adapt to conditions but also use change to advance in a forward and upward direction.

2.        A Fruitful Future Takes Careful Farming

Time is “money “therefore time wasted is a negative return on a potential investment. Each day, each experience, should be an adventure toward the discovery of “Who I Am” and how I function in this world NOW. This self-enrichment strategy allows a learner to tap into the power of curiosity, and value the seconds that, when invested wisely, yield powerful results.

3.        Everything is Energy

Energy flows in and around all of our systems. By learning to be aware we know how to respond to the things that govern our world. We find in the gap vast opportunity to respond, reinvent and harness the power of opportunity.

4.        Learning Implies Mistakes

Learning takes practice. Mistakes, many mistakes will be made. A real learner is willing to be vulnerable, honest, take responsibility, make amends, learn from choices and make improvements. As a result, stress will be managed, anxieties lowered, and confidence will naturally rise from the safety and security in trusting oneself to do the right thing. By making mistakes one learns what they know and what they do not know, thus the cultivating a lifelong learner.

5.        Success is Hard Work

Growing a fruitful life is hard work. It produces great physical, emotional, and mental stress. To avoid this stress is to avoid the friction needed to move the parts of our machinery that can build our brightest future. By learning tools to manage stress, organize time, take positive risks, capitalize strengths, network, and complete projects the impossible becomes possible.

6.  Eyes of Love See Truth

Many factors can hide the qualities of a person, place or object.  We must develop the capacity to look beyond appearances or life-long understandings and reach beyond what has always been to what is or can be, given the right conditions. Refinement is a process where the hindrances are removed and the true essence is revealed. Learning to refine the elements that run our systems produces health, happiness, and success.

7. Harmony through Diversity

If we know who we are and how we function, we develop within ourselves the ability to be free in our being, gain the resources we need to grow and move ourselves according to our true nature. In knowing ‘who I am’, the ability to see what is needed is evident.  In knowing ‘who I am’ the opportunity to learn about others and how others relate to the world is understood and respected.

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